- Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa, and Assisi two days' tour
- Assisi

This tour is recommended to explore the heart of Tuscany and Umbria, their unique landscapes and towns.

FIRST DAY: You will be picked up at your apartment or hotel at 8 am and brought first straight to Siena. The little town is easy to be visited thoroughly on foot. Naturally, particular interest is given to the majestic and elegant Piazza del Campo. It is the main square of the town, the place of meeting and celebrations, and naturally also of the famous horse race "Palio", which is held twice every year, in July and in August. At the end of the visit of Siena (around noon) there is a stop at a local restaurant for lunch and to relax. The tour starts again at 2 pm and continues with the visit of San Gimignano, one of the most quintessential Italian villages, a reference for all those who appreciate history, fine taste, and genuine atmosphere. You will be able to wander around the little alleys, explore the ancient gates, visit the Duomo square and the beautiful, imposing palazzi, and stroll along its charming streets. The town is famous for its countless and mesmerising 100 medieval towers. Above all, what is striking is the myriad colours, so typical of this land and of this town, revealing the many aspects to be explored, and their ancient history. The visit of San Gimignano ends around 4 pm, and it is time to head now for Pisa, where you will arrive around 7:00 pm.
The hotel we recommend is the Grand Hotel Duomo, 50 meters from the Leaning Tower. All rooms have bath and telephone, satellite tv. The hotel includes a restaurant with international cuisine and Tuscan specialities, American bar, private garage in the hotel. Prices are very reasonable: the single room with bathroom 120 Euros (app. 130 US$) / double bedroom with bath 173 Euros (app. 186 US$) / Triple room 198 Euros (app. 213 US$) / Junior suite with sitting room 203 Euros (app. 218 US$) for two persons, with supplement of 25 (app. 27 US$) Euros for every additional person (max two) sleeping in the sofa bed. Price includes breakfast.
SECOND DAY: in the morning you will be free to explore the magnificent Piazza dei Miracoli near the hotel, which includes the leaning tower. In fact, as you know, it is just the belfry of an amazing compound, which includes a church and a baptistry. You will see Renaissance state-of-the-art, as no other square or monument does. Although you will be mesmerised and you will find it hard to leave, the tour starts again at 11:30 am, and heads to Assisi, where you will arrive around 14:30 pm. Upon arrival, you will be free to have lunch in one of the many central restaurant. Soon after, you will visit the town of St. Francis. You will find quiet, peace, an inspiring atmosphere, views of the valleys and countryside around the town. You will visit the famous basilica, and the tomb of St. Francis. The people of Umbria are very friendly and serene. The departure for your hotel or residence is 6 pm, where you will arrive around 8 pm.   

Prices: up to four persons with Deluxe Mercedes Sedan 1,035 Euros appr. 1,113 US$.
- up to six persons 1,165 Euros appr. 1,253 US$.
- up to eight persons 1,290 Euros appr. 1,387 US$. 

(2) INDIVIDUAL TRANSPORT TO ASSISI, to visit the beautiful church of St. Francis, the inspiring medieval town of Assisi, rivaling Rome and Florence in art and history, also with stunning views on the green Umbrian hills. In fact Assisi is in Umbria, including 12 towns renowned for their art and history (Orvieto, with its Duomo, a jewel of Italian Gothic style, Gubbio considered the most perfect medieval town in Europe, Todi with its charm and character etc). Umbria is also famous for its scenic green hills, sometimes immersed in magical silvery haze, and its mystical tradition. This is why it is called the "Green heart of Italy", or the "Land of Saints". You will be picked up and brought back to the apartment, and the excursion will last 7 hours. Upon request, you can extend the visit to neighbouring towns. In this case you will have to add 26 Euros (app. 28 US$) to the prices.
- for groups up to 4 persons, with a De Luxe Mercedes sedan the price is 415 Euros (app. 446 US$). 
- for groups up to 6 persons it will cost you 465 Euros (app. 500 US$), and the car will be a Mercedes or Chrysler Van.
- for groups up to 8 persons it will cost you 520 Euros (app. 559 US$).

The excursion includes the transport only.

TO BOOK or to enquire: Please write to info@florencecarservice.it We will reply to you swiftly.

Upon request we can organize your transport to any other location or destination.

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